About Us

Based in Sussex, Styled by Sally is a small handmade business that was launched back in 2017 by Naomi. The Pears were taken over by Sally in July 2020. By chance Sally was introduced to Naomi by her sister who had been a big fan of the pears, knowing that she was looking for a new direction to take her career. Sally could see how unique they all were and fell in love with the pears and well the rest is history. 

The pears have a lovely instagram following and many have become collectors items. If you head over to Insta you will find past and new creations along with a great bunch of cheerleaders!

The shapes - The pears have a beautiful shape, like no other. Each one is hand turned and finished by a professional wood turner. He is a member of the Woodland Heritage trust

Each pear is hand painted using non-toxic paint. Pears are then created into characters using a range of quality crafting fabrics. Each pear takes hours to make be it big or small. All have their own unique look and honestly look fabulous wherever you decide to place them. They make great gifts for all occasions or even a purchase for yourself!

Every order is as exciting as the next. By ordering a Pear you are supporting a small business and that really does make my day.

If you buy a pear don't forget to tag a photo of it in its new home using the tag #ourpeartribe

Thank you for all the amazing support. 

Sally x